Thursday, May 3, 2012

Home... Home on the Range... where the cows and the little bears play.

Righto... little bear is on the road again, headed west and looking forward to new vistas. At first he's a little disappointed, because the mountains are melting and all he sees is rolling forested hills. But then he starts to see cows... and sheep... and horses, which is different from back home. There are even calves and lambs frolicking in the spring sunshine.

Little bear sees a lot of barns... a lot... and of course wants his picture taken with one. It looks so pretty reflected in the water.
 But little bear has to be careful too, because he has propped his little bum on a barbed wire fence (ouch!)... but luckily his little bum is narrow enough that it fits between the barbs. He better not rip his pants either... he doesn't need a smiley-face patch on his behind!
Little bear also comes across an old log cabin... cool! This might make a perfect new home for little bear, except it's padlocked. But the place looks fairly sturdy... It has a nice view... a little close to the highway but... that means easy access to the world.
Now, if little bear could just get a glimpse inside the cabin... How about here?
Nope, that doesn't show much... How about here?
Ooh... little bear is not going to go any farther down that hole! That looks scary... there could be mice or spiders or racoons or pterodactyls in there... (little bear isn't sure what pterodactyls are... but they sound scary and impressive). How about here?
Ahh.. that's better... little bear can at least see something, piles of junk by the looks of it. An old wood stove... and did you notice the window is broken? Could be caused by a kamikaze bumble bee or a bird... or a rock... or a bullet... Obviously this is not a safe neighbourhood for little bear... nooooo... People out here might shoot bears on sight too... no, not safe for little bear...

Ah well, at least little bear had an adventure! And the gate to the place is interesting as well... with cut-outs that spell out a year... 1890 (little bear is tucked into the 8). That's a pretty old log cabin!

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