Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Again!

Little bear is home again! Ahhh... and much to his surprise, the snow is gone, the birds are out and small sprigs of greenery are popping up everywhere! Spring has come here as well... it's a bit delayed mind you. But little bear is now getting a second dose of it, and he couldn't be happier! Except... he went out for a walk and couldn't quite believe his little eyes...
The park grass was totally (and I mean totally!) covered in little brown poops. Oh my goodness... what happened here? Little bear is a bit stunned and doesn't know where to begin... should he start picking them up?? There are hundreds, maybe thousands of them...
But upon closer inspection, little bear notices a few things... (1) the ends of the little brown thingies have grass on them and (2) there are hundreds, maybe thousands of holes across the lawn. These aren't poops... these are little grass plugs!
Whew... little bear learns that this is done to aerate the grass roots to promote growth. Whew... no major poop invasion after all!

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