Friday, May 18, 2012

Even Flatland has Flowers!

Little bear has had a lot of winter... and he's had a taste of spring (but in a different climate). Now... he is getting a taste of spring in flatland... and let's just say... he's pleasantly surprised.
The grass is definitely getting long and green, and little bear is having trouble picturing what it will look like in a few weeks... He might not be able to see over the top of it anymore if it keeps growing at this rate! Mind you, the trees are still looking a little bare... but there are definite shimmers of green on some branches.
And of course... he is always on the hunt now for flowers. Having seen so many pretty colours out west in the mountains, he is hoping that maybe flatland has flowers too. All of a sudden he spies a wonderful splash of orange... flowers!!
Nope, not quite... a splash of lichens on a tree but... they are colourful to be sure... But little bear keeps his eyes open and then off in the distance, amongst all of the grasses, he finds them... prairie crocuses...
They are a very fetching shade of purple (which goes well with his green jacket)... and they are very pretty! Little bear learns that they aren't actually crocuses (which belong to the lily family)... but are actually anemones (from the buttercup family). He's not too interested in the taxonomy of flowers... all he's really interested in is the beautiful colours!
In fact, this seems like a perfect spot to just lie down in the old grass and soak up the sunshine!

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