Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Chinese Mystery

OK... now little bear is really perplexed! He was walking through the dried grasses and then saw something out of the ordinary next to a small shrub.
Upon closer examination, little bear sees that this thing is round with a square hole in the middle. And it's made out of metal...
What the heck?? Little bear drags it off to the trail for a closer look and sees that on one side, it has some lines that look a lot like the Dharma logo from the TV show "Lost".... and also some oriental writing (Chinese maybe)...
On the flip side are four oriental characters...
Oooh... perplexing mystery!! After much perusal of the internet and searching... little bear thinks that it is a Feng shui coin... or Ba Gua coin... or an I Ching coin... and it probably symbolizes something... But he's not sure what... should he go out and buy a lottery ticket (prosperity)?? Should he start looking for a partner (family)?? Oooh... he's going to have to find somebody who knows more than he does!

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