Monday, April 9, 2012

Turning over an Old Leaf

Today little bear was out for a walk... and he came across some very strange branches. He's see a lot of little branches in his short life... but these were very different. These branches weren't bare, like all of the other branches that he's seen. These branches had things stuck all over them...

Dry, flat, crunchy things - sort of brown with a hint of red and green in them. Little bear look at them and turned them over and looked at them. Hmm... they fell off the branches pretty easily... and he's actually seen quite a few of these things underneath the snow when it melts... Could these have something to do with spring? Little bear is told that these things are called leaves... and that they will be all over the trees when spring comes...

Little bear can't quite imagine what spring will look like... All of these things on the trees... It will be pretty brown...

Little bear is in for a surprise! He can't quite imagine it... he has no experience of it. Which is what happens to us as well... we can't quite imagine what something can be like. We can't quite imagine what might come... We can only imagine out of our experience or out of what we've heard or read about... Like little bear, we might be mightily surprised by the unimagined that is coming our way.

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