Friday, April 20, 2012

Leaving on a... Road Trip!

Today's the day! Oh boy... little bear is all packed... the vehicle is all packed... Now there's just a visit to the gas station and then... little bear is headed west!

Although little bear wants to help pump the gas, he learns that his fur could create static electricity (he knows all about that)... and that would not be good... so he patiently waits in the vehicle, staring at the map and preparing to be... the Great Navigator!

He just runs into one tiny little snag... how to fold the road map back up again!! Ahhh!! Poor little bear... this is a very old map with worn out folds what have split and... well... let's just little bear gets himself into quite a tangle with this map!

Of course, supplies are also required for a road trip, and little bear discovers that typical Road Trip supplies consist of: drink, chocolate and crunchies! Usually it would be Cola, Chocolate and Cheezies... but today it's Water, Chocolate and Cheezies! We don't want to introduce little bear to carbonated caffeine drinks at his tender young age...

Today will be a very long day... almost 9 hours of driving... not to mention stops along the way! (Plus another 7 hours the next day) Little bear is going to see a lot of new things! 
  • Mountains - which are taller than the towers in London (hard to imagine!)
  • Glaciers - hard to describe to little bear at this point... He thinks he knows all about snow and ice!
  • Rivers - little bear scoffs at this, since he's already seen a river near his home (think bigger, little bear!)
  • Trees - not the scrubby trees of the Prairies... no, these will be real trees! - again, little bear is perplexed by this notion...
  • Spring - yup, little bear is going to fast forward into Spring - now THAT has him excited! He's heard so much about spring... wait til he sees the real thing!

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