Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grand Canyon

Today little bear was out for a walk and some of the trails that he likes to walk still have quite a bit of compact snow and ice on them... which is fine... It means he doesn't get his little boots muddy. And he doesn't have to wear his doggie-doo-doo bag as a mud suit and hop along the trails.

Anyhow... he was hiking along the trail and because little bear is so close to the ground, he sometimes doesn't see everything that is coming towards him. His perspective is a little limited... the trail looked quite fine from his perspective...

But then, all of a sudden, he came up to... a canyon... in the ice and compact snow of the trail. There it was, cutting him off from moving forward. He couldn't go to the right, nor to the left. He had this gorge in front of him and he was going to need to do something...

Well... little bear is nothing if not an adventurous little bear. With some peering into the canyon, little bear determined it wasn't that deep... and there was ice at the bottom, so with a little hop, he jumped into it... but now he was stuck again. He needed a helping hand to haul him out of there!

It's a good lesson for us as well... sometimes our perspective is limited. We don't always see the big picture and sometimes get into predicaments where we need a helping hand...

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