Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caught in a Snowstorm

Today little bear was sitting at home in the evening, relaxing in front of the candle-place. It was a rainy, dreary day, and little bear hadn't had any adventures to speak of. He was wondering what sort of mischief he could get into he noticed that the rain had turned to snow... and not just any type of snow. The flakes were huge... like HUGE!

Some of the snow flakes were almost 2 inches in diameter... Little bear had never seen snow like this before. It started to accumulate very quickly and little bear decided he need to go outside and enjoy it!

So that's exactly what he did... it was like standing in a pile of clouds! All white and fluffy and clean. Little bear had hardly stopped to get his picture taken when the first snow flake landed on him. Although "flake" might not be the correct word... more like an aggregate of hundreds of snow flakes - call it a snow blob!

And the snow blobs were coming down fast and furious. In fact, within a minute, little bear decided that he'd better come back inside! Turns out his snout is a great snow blob catcher... and they stick really well to his furry hat and his furry snout...

Little bear was having trouble seeing!! Oh little bear... somehow adventure always finds him! He just has to be open to seeing it... which is probably true for us as well. Adventure lies just around the corner if we're open to seeing it...

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