Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bird Watcher Bear

Little bear was out in the woods today and saw a whole bunch of birds! They seem to be getting more and more common... and more diverse too!

Little bear saw some chickadees... he's been seeing them all winter long, so this was not a new bird for little bear. But he did snap a few good pictures of them. They move very quickly so it is hard to get them to stay still for a portrait picture!

Then little bear saw a bigger bird pecking away at a tree trunk. This bird was hard to photograph because there were so many branches in the way! But little bear did get one good picture that showed a red streak on this bird's head. Little bear thinks that this bird is some sort of woodpecker... not sure which type though.

There were also some new birds hanging around the bird feeders... brownish with olive-yellow heads and very chunky beaks. Little bear thinks that these birds might be finches of some sort. There are quite a few of them and they go through the sunflower seeds very quickly!

Little bear saw all of these birds by standing very still... very still... and not moving a muscle... except for when he took the pictures of course! Mind you, he did have some trouble maintaining his stillness because something soft and fuzzy was tickling his ear... what could that be? He didn't dare look...

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