Friday, April 6, 2012

Bear Nose Willow

Remember little bear was having his ears tickled by something?? Well, little bear turned around after taking his bird pictures and discovered... grey, fuzzy things! What was this?? Coming out of twigs... little bear is pretty sure that these weren't around last week. He's seen a lot of bare branches and he is pretty sure he would have noticed these things.

They are very soft and fuzzy... just like his little bear nose (he is a stuffed bear after all). Little bear learns that these things are called pussy willows but he's pretty sure that there are no cats around down here... so he's going to call them Bear Nose Willows... because they feel just like his little bear nose!

And now that little bear has seen the one branch of pus... uh.... bear nose willows... he is seeming them everywhere!! They are everywhere... now that is perplexing? What is going on?? Little bear knows that something called "spring" is coming, so maybe that is part of this?

Little bear is looking forward to this new adventure called spring. He's looking forward to something different! And with all of the snow melting... who knows what is going to come!

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