Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bear Heaven

Well, little bear's navigational skills are exceptional! He managed to navigate all the way through the worst part of the mountains. Little bear wanted to do a bit of site-seeing after all of that... and discovered that he was in bear heaven. There were bears everywhere (not life ones mind you... that might be a bit scary).
Little bear met totem pole bear holding a dragon fly (and a little bear). He's never seen a totem pole before so was amazed when he learned that it had been cut from one tree! Trees can grow that big? Remember, little bear only knows scrubby trees from the flatlands.
Then little bear learned that there were different types of bears... and that the official bear of this park is a grizzly bear, but there are also black bears, brown bears, kodiak bears, kermode bears, polar bears, koala bears, panda bears along with bearista bears (of course).
  Although little bear didn't actually get to meet the bear mascot called Jasper, he did find another bear to pose with... And even better... he found another postcard to add to his collection. So far he has postcards of Paddington Bear (from London) and a grizzly bear... Two is a collection, isn't it?

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