Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where's Little Bear?

Little bear was down by the river today, just exploring and seeing what he could find. Today he found a huge pile of boulders, huge!! Little bear noiced that they were all the same colour and style of boulder... so he didn't think that it was a natural pile of boulders.

Little bear might not be very old, but he's already figured out that rocks and boulders come in a variety of shapes and styles and colours. When he was hanging around the lake, he saw all sorts of different coloured rocks of various shapes and sizes and styles. So this pile of rocks is something different. Maybe little bear is a budding geologist?

Where's little bear?
Now what can one do with such a huge pile of rocks? Well... little bear discovered that in between the rocks were all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies... perfectly sized for a little bear! He poked around in them for quite a while and found all sorts of interesting things... leaves, twigs, dirt, smaller rocks, lost mittens. At one point, it was even hard to see little bear in amongst all the rocks! He would disappear in one spot and pop up in another spot! Clearly having way too much fun!

Which is a good lesson for us too. Sometimes we just need to stop everything and have some fun! Just go exploring, see what we can find and have some fun. Laugh a little. Laugh a lot. Try something new. Fall down and get up again. Learn something new. Yep... we could all learn a lot by imitating little bear sometimes.

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