Monday, March 26, 2012

Time for a Break

Today little bear decided that he didn't really want any adventures. He just wanted to sit still and be with the river. No running around and falling in the snow. No measuring of the melting ice and snow. No wild scrambles up mountains. Today... is a day just for sitting and being with the river.

Little bear does this every once in a while... just goes and sits somewhere and lets the world move around him and over him... but all he needs to do is sit and go with the flow. The river, for all that it is carrying his beloved snow and ice away, is a new thing for little bear. And he feels that he needs to spend some time in its presence. The soothing trickle and quiet flow of the water is balm for his soul (yes, little bear apparently has a soul... don't tell the Catholic police.... they might come and arrest him!).

Sometimes we just need to stop as well... and take some time to just be with nature. Maybe it's in the mountains or the forests, or along the ocean or a river or a lake. But we just need to stop everythign and not do anything... just stop and be... it's good for our souls...

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