Friday, March 2, 2012

Mud Mystery

Today little bear went for a walk down by the river and there are all sorts of interesting things down there! Little bear was standing under the bridge over the river and noticed some really weird things tucked under the bridge overhang.

What could they be? There was a big clump of them in one spot and then several smaller clumps. The clumps had several holes in them and looked very odd.

Little bear stood there for a while perplexed and just watched and waited. Nothing happened. Hmm... the holes looked about the same size as the bird house holes. Could they be strange bird houses made out of mud? How did the mud get up there? Why are there no birds there right now?

Little bear has a lot of questions and no answers. This might be a mystery that will have to sit with him for a while. He'll figure it out eventually but maybe it just needs some more time.

Which is a good reminder for us as well. Sometimes we just don't have all the information that we need and we just need to sit and be patient and wait it out. Little bear will figure out the mysterious mud clumps - it will just take a few more months!

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