Sunday, March 25, 2012

Melting of the Glaciers

Little bear has heard about global warming and the melting of the glaciers and polar ice caps. He's quite concerned about the melting of the glaciers because he's watching it happen in his own backyard! Now, admittedly, little bear isn't a full-fledged glaciologist... but all he knows is that the thick ice in his neighbourhood and down by the river is melting by leaps and bounds.

Today, he went down to the river again, and where yesterday there had been seemingly solid ice... today there is open water! Ohhh... that happened quickly! Little bear stood on the edge of the ice and looked at the layers... he stood on the edge of he ice and looked at the water. Where did all of that ice go? It must have gone somewhere? Or did it just melt?

Poor little bear... his very world is changing around him and he's not too sure what to make of it. What will happen when all of the snow is gone? It's starting to look very brown out there... kind of blah and drab... and little bear actually prefers the clean whiteness of the snow as opposed to the grey/brown dirtiness of everything that lay underneath the snow!

Which is a good lesson for us as well... sometimes we get so used to the way things are that we don't like anything to change. We want it to stay the same, even though something different is coming. And in order for change to happen, what is presently here needs to go before the new can arrive.

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