Saturday, March 31, 2012

CSI Bear

Today little bear was out for his daily walk down in the nature preserve. he likes it down here. There are lots of trees and bushes and very few coffee cups. Today is a little crisp and the air is quite chilly. Little bear is walking along when all of a sudden he sees the most perplexing sight... a deer leg in a tall bush/shrub. After little bear has barfed his little guts out in the bushes (no pictures, please), he takes another look.

Little bear knows what deer are... he's seen their pictures (and their legs) on the interpretive signs through the nature preserve. He knows what a deer leg looks like... and this is most definitely a deer leg... up in a bush/shrub.

Most perplexing... most most perplexing. What is a deer leg doing up in a tree?? How did it get up there? How long has it been there? What happened to the deer? Where is the rest of the deer?

Little bear climbs up the bush/shrub for a closer look. The leg is caught in the fork of some of the branches. It looks like the front leg of a deer. The lower part, below the knee, still has fur on it. The upper part, above the knee, is just bare bone and some sinew. The leg looks very well jammed into the bush/shrub.

How did it get here? Little bear puts on his little CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) ball cap and gives it some thought. Maybe the snow was deeper in the winter and the deer was jumping along and it's leg got stuck in the bushes. But then were is the rest of the deer? Or maybe, an eagle was carrying the deer leg back to its nest and dropped it and the leg fell into the bush and got stuck there. That makes a bit more sense.

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