Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crossing the River

Oh little bear... it was so simple when everything was covered with ice! He could just walk across the ice and cross the river. Now though... now he is perplexed! All of a sudden there is no more ice... just flowing water, which is ice cold, by the way... and little bear doesn't know how to get across the river.

Obviously little bear isn't a great swimmer... he's still quite young and well... he's a little bit afraid of the water. Somehow he's gotten it into his head that if he goes in water, he'll shrink away to nothingness. He read somewhere that wool shrinks in water... and since wool comes from sheep... and sheep are covered in fur (like little bear)... little bear doesn't want to take the risk of getting wet!

Anyhow... little bear wants to cross the river... Today - he came across something that looked like it might work. A narrow pile of rocks went out into the river. From his angle, little bear couldn't tell if they went all the way across, but he thought he would try. Alas, the rocks didn't go all the way across... and little bear sat there at the end of the promontory looking longingly at the other side.

Poor little bear... stymied yet again! But he doesn't let it get him down... he sits there in the middle of the river and enjoys the flow of the water and the view that he gets! Which is a good lesson for us as well... to take advantage of whatever comes and turn it into something else. Rather than being disappointed for a long time, little bear was able to see the benefit of his little adventure!

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