Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bear Trap

It doesn't take much to catch a little bearista bear... all it takes is some chicken wire and a curious bear! Little bear learned that the hard way. He decided that he wanted to climb the chicken wire to see what the little tree was like... and once he had tumbled down into the enclosure... he found out that the chicken wire was bent inwards and... well... little bear was trapped!

He wasn't too afraid though... he knew he had a friend who would scoop him out and set him back on his feet. Little bear clearly hasn't learned the lesson from blue milk can! Or maybe he needed to learn a different lesson. Maybe he needed to learn that even though something looks innocuous, it can still be a trap! And that even though his little friends aren't with him... he can still call on others to help him.

I suppose that's a good lesson for us as well... to just ask for help when we feel like we are caught in a trap. We tend not to do that though... we tend to muddle through or stay stuck... spinning our wheels in the mud and digging a deeper hole for ourselves. Ah little bear... good lesson!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! That bear trap is scarey...we're glad you got out of it!