Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Acrobatic Bear

Today little bear was out and about... as he normally is... and he came across a very mysterious object... or rather series of objects. They were a bunch of black bars coming out of the snow and going back into the snow. Little bear stared at them for a while, walked around them a little bit... touched them and then stood back, tilted his head to the side and put his little bear brain to work.

What could they be?? Well... they could be many things... but what could they be for a little bear... Because little bear is nothing if not a creative and inventive little bear. After a bit of mulling and thinking... little bear decided that these bars were obviously an exercise arrangement for little bears.

Now, the only question was how to use them... He tried to slide down between them... and come up between them, but they were a little too close together. Or he had put on too much Christmas chocolate weight over the last few months!

But little bear figured out that he could swing up on one bar, and then swing himself down on the other side... so they are a variation on monkey bars!! He'll call them Bear Bars... Maybe he'll lose some weight doing this! Maybe he'll become the world champion on the Bear Bars! Oooh... maybe he'll be going to the 2012 Olympics!!

Which is a good lesson for us too... we don't need to go to a fancy gym to lose the winter weight. We can just use what we find to get ourselves into shape!

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