Sunday, February 5, 2012

To the Airport

Little bear is pretty excited about this trip! He's already had his first airplane ride, but that was in a tiny little Dash 8 or something equally tiny. It was exciting at the time but... now we're talking a BIG plane... and a BIG trip!!

The first thing that little bear learns about taking a BIG trip is that there is a lot of time to wait beforehand! He had to be at the airport 3 hours ahead of time. It gave him lots of time to sit and think about life... and have a snack... and take some pictures!

First little bear wanted a picture with him and the plane... from a distance, but that was OK. Then, little bear made the acquaintance of some airport denizens! Last time he was here, he was at a different wing so this time... he met BIG Bear... Big bear seemed pretty happy to see little bear, and didn't seem at all interested in taking a nibble out of our little bear.

And then, close by was BIG wolf... oh boy... little bear is a bit of a risk-taker apparently! Not sure how wise it is to sit on a wolf's head while they are howling. One flick of that head and little bear would have been a mouthful for the wolf! But little bear came away unscathed, and after that... well, the BIG plane wasn't so frightening anymore!

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