Friday, February 24, 2012

Where oh where, little Bear?

Today little bear was out for a walk in the warm winter sunshine when he realized that he needed to go to the bathroom... not super badly, but still, he had to go. He figured he could walk home and still be OK, but he didn't really want to go home yet so... he saw an outhouse off in the distance!

Yay!!! Saved by the outhouse... except... there were a couple of issues once he got closer. For one thing, it had a sign on it which made it pretty clear that this was an outhouse for humans, not for little bears. He had a poke around the place, but there was no little bear outhouse nearby. Mind you, there weren't a lot of humans around so maybe he could just sneak in, do his business and come out again!

Except... the door was locked... padlocked. It was a seasonal outhouse and now was obviously not a season in which humans needed to use outhouses... or something. Oh man!!! Little bear realized that he would need to head home now... poor little bear! A great walk in nature cut short by the call of nature... sigh...

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