Friday, February 10, 2012

Site of a Royal Wedding

One of the main sites that little bear wanted to visit was Westminster Abbey, the place where William and Kate got married! Finding the Abbey was easy... but getting into it was another thing entirely. The entrance fee for a regular person was 16 pounds! That's... 24 dollars Canadian... And let's not even talk about entrance fees for little bears! Plus, after the whole thing with the claws at the London Eye, little bear realizes that he's probably not going to get into a lot of places... at least not by walking through the door!

He did manage to sneak by the security guard at one of the archives by riding in a backpack. Even though they opened the backpack, all they saw was a little stuffed bear! It's sort of like that cartoon strip... Calvin & Hobbes. Only Calvin can see and hear and interact with Hobbes. For everyone else, Hobbes is just a stuffed tiger!

Little bear realizes that sometimes people see exactly what they want to see or expect to see. But if someone has different eyes... then something different can be seen! Which is a good lesson for us... do we go through life just seeing what we want to see or expect to see? Are we open to seeing and experiencing something different?

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