Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Proud Bear

Little bear is home!! Oh, it's good to be home! He can finally unpack all of his stuff and enjoy his souvenirs from London. He wants to remember his trip to London and these sourvenirs will help him to remember all the fun that he had, all the people & bears that he met!

One of the first things that he did was find some tape and put up his poster of Paddington Bear... Little bear knows that decorating a space is important and he wants to have a reminder of his London trip... specifcally his trip to Paddington Station.

Little bear is also pleased to present his little Paddington teddy bear. Every bear needs a teddy bear and he's glad that they had one that fits him perfectly. Now he can sleep peacefully at night cuddling with his own little bear!

Little bear didn't bring back a lot of stuff... just a few litle things... and he thinks that they are useful things as well. He doesn't believe in getting decorative trinkets that just sit around. Posters on the wall and little teddy bears are all useful! He doesn't want a lot of stuff cluttering up his space... like little statues of the Tower of London or something.

Which is a good reminder for us... not to get a lot of decorative clutter. It clutters up our space and just gathers dust... Smart little bear!

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