Monday, February 20, 2012

London Bears

Yesterday's encounter with the poop sign has left little bear musing... Why would they even think of having a sign like that? It's not like there are wild bears running around London! But then, little bear realized he had actually seen a lot of bears since coming to London!

There are Guard Bears dressed up in all sorts of uniforms.

There are Beefeater Bears dressed up in a Tudor-style uniform.

There are Department Store Bears from Harrod's... very hoity-toity bears... with fancy uniforms and name-tags.

Hmmm... there are actually quite a few bears in London! Clearly not all of them are toilet-trained as why else would they have a Bears Act!!

Different customs in different countries is little bear's conclusion... All he knows is that he had be very careful here in London... He doesn't want to get his person into trouble!

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