Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yoga Bear

Part of little bear's exercise regime includes yoga. Now this is something completely new for little bear. He's done a lot of outside walks, but this stretching thing doesn't really seem like exercise... at least not to begin with! After a few moves, little bear decided that this was most definitely exercise! He discovered that he wasn't quite as supple as he had thought and that he could definitely improve his flexibility!

Little bear liked the yoga blocks, they gave him a momentary sit-down time when he could catch his breath! Whew... poor little bear, but that's the price you pay for munching on chocolates indiscriminately! "But it was only one chocolate... and then one more chocolate... and then one more chocolate". Each one was going to be the last, but we all know how it goes. It never stops with one chocolate. Sigh.

Which is a good lesson for us as well. It never stops with one chocolate. It never stops with just one... we always have to have one more and then two more and before you know it, yup the whole bag is gone. Funny how we have no self-control... but that comes with practice. So little bear is learning to practice... yoga and self-control!

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