Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tired Bear

Well, after his adventure in the airport and on the airplane, little bear was pretty tuckered out! Today was his first experience of sleeping in a motel room. Although Goldilocks might have been picky about things being "too big" or "too small", little bear didn't really care if the bed was way too big for him!

He flopped onto it and let himself sink into the pillows... ahhhh... Long day, long flight... tired bear. Little bear quickly snuggled under the covers and tried to close his eyes, but his mind was going 100 miles an hour. All of these new experiences needed to be processed... Plus, once the lights went out, there were a lot of strange noises in the room.

There was the sound of the traffic outside the window. The toilet was running. There was a faint noise of elevator music coming from the hallway outside. The little bar fridge kept kicking in. Poor little bear... So many new experiences! Luckily for him, his ear flaps served as pretty good ear plugs and eventually he was able to soothe the noises in his own head as well. Exhaustion eventually won out and he had a peaceful sleep.

Little bear isn't the only one who has trouble falling asleep because of a runaway mind! I suppose the lesson for all of us is to learn to calm and still the waters of our turbulent minds. Just stop... and float on a sea of peace. If little bear can do it... maybe we can too!

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