Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scoop that Poop

Little bear made a stinky discovery today. He was walking along the snow and came upon a pile of dog poop. Yuck! Right in the middle of the trail. He could have stepped right into it and then his pristine winter booties would have been quite a mess.

Let's just say there are two things little bear is pondering: (1) there is a law called scoop your dog's poop and (2) there are baggies for that located strategically along the trails. Why do people not scoop their doggie poop? Or... why do they scoop their doggie poop and then leave the full baggie lying around as well? Little bear would very much like to put the doggie doo-doo baggie in a garbage can, but we've already established that bear-proof garbage containers aren't going to work for him! Poor little bear... so community conscious and yet stymied at every turn.

In this instance, little bear recruited the help of a person to toss the doggie baggie... but the unbagged doggie doo-doo stymied both of us. Perhaps it is time for both little bear and I to carry baggies around - for doggie doo doo and for garbage!

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