Thursday, January 19, 2012

Litter Bear Patrol

Little bear came across another piece of littler today, and he's already started categorizing the pieces of litter than he comes across. This one appears to be one of the most popular... a brown cup with a log. Sometimes there are even brown plastic lids that go with it. What makes people throw away these things, when there are bear-proof garbage cans everywhere??? Are people too lazy to carry it any farther? Do they think that eventually it will decompose? Maybe the cup will but the plastic will be around for a long time.

Little bear is thinking that maybe he could recruit other bears to form a litter patrol. Perhaps people woudl think twice if they knew that there was a litter bear patrol wandering around, ready to tap people on the shoulder! They could hand out fines... do educational programs... visit schools!! Hmm... this could lead to something! They could be the Smokey Bear of Litter!!! Maybe they could call themselves the Clean Bear Patrol... or Litter Bear Patrol... or...

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