Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In a Pickle... in a Milk Can

Little bear found himself in a bit of a pickle today. He found a very cool looking milk can and thought that it warranted an exploration! It smelled very interesting and looked like a perfect hiding spot. Little bear climbed up the side and peered into the depths of the milk can. Was there something in there? He couldn't quite tell.

Little bear leaned forward for a closer look and a bit farther... and a bit farther... and... plop! Little bear found himself down in the depths of the milk can! And what was an easy climb up on the outside of the can was not so easy on the inside. The milk can was wider at the bottom than at the top and he couldn't get out!

Oh, poor little bear... he finds himself stuck... Now what? Maybe he should have looked before he leaned? Maybe he should have brought a rope and some supplies? He should have packed some of those Christmas chocolates! There's nothing in this milk can except dust!

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