Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friends of a Different Sort

Well, little bear has learned a few things today! He's learned that there are more friends out there than just other bears! Today he met a white mountain goat and a blue dragon with tiny purple wings. Both of his new friends have horns, which little bear thought was kind of strange at first. Why didn't he have these cool horns?? Why didn't he have cute little purple wings? Little bear learned that there are all sorts of folks out there, and that not all of them are the same shape and size and colour. But that's OK. Even though his two new friends are very different from little bear, they decided that they could still be best buds!

Which bodes well for the rest of us. If little bear can make friends with a billy goat and a dragon... well, maybe we can make friends with people who are very different from us. Different religions, different cultures, different races, different in so many ways!

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