Monday, January 30, 2012

Bear Stand

Little bear has been watching too many old Olympic re-runs. Today he thought that he would try to do a hand-stand. Well, his little arms don't quite reach to the floor... so then he thought he would try a plain head stand.

After several attempts out in the open, little bear figured that he could use some help from a wall. But little bear doesn't have the best sense of balance in the world. He fell sideways. He fell backwards. He feel on his tummy. He fell on his bum. Poor little bear! Was he ever going to get this?? Maybe this was just a waste of time? Maybe he was making a fool of himself??

But then... all of a sudden... success!! For a fraction of a moment, little bear had it! He was balanced on his head (with the help of the door)... yay! And then he fell down again. But that was OK... he had done it! If only for a moment... time for the next adventure! Once was enough for this little bear. There were more things in life to try out!

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